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Kickstart our Hearts

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Sketch-A-Day 8: Old Man Mischief 

A great little program called Mischief...this is the demo of it I'm has an infinite canvas, so you can really drill in for minute can't really see it in the JPG I'm sure, but there are very fine details in the beard and eyes and collar of the shirt.


Sketch-A-Day 7: WTF? 

So apparently a sketch-a-day was a little ambitious of me...maybe sketch-a-month would have been better?  I'd like to say I was distracted by other art projects, like AD13 or something, but I'd be lying.

Not quite sure where I was going with this sketch...had an image in my head of Amanda Conner's Terra drawing from probably 15 years ago or so...then saw one of my camera lenses...then needed something for her to stand on...really, it is a WTF really, she's not even wearing anything resembling reasonable or matching.  Oh well.


Sketch-A-Day 6: Timing 

Well, I guess a sketch a day was kind of hopefull! Being bogged down with work and illness this week didn't help much, but that's still no excuse.  I have a sketch I'm very proud of of a building similar to the one I'm posting, but as I didn't actually do that one today, I have to post this one instead, one that I'm not really too happy with unfortunately.  The basic structure is there, and you can see where I'm going with the colouring style, but it's not nearly as good as the other one I did.


Sketch-A-Day 5: The Basilk 

And here's today's sketch, another 3/4 face of course, this time again from Apocoliptic Dreams' Shadow Weaver story arc, it's The Basilk.  I tried doing a quick colour underlayment on the sketch, but it didn't work out, so I opted to post just the pencil sketch alone.


Sketch-A-Day 4 

Lot of 3/4 head shots's my staple go-to doodle.  When I'm zoning out or have no idea what to draw, I just start sketching a 3/4 view of a head.  My most common drawing would be that I'd say.  Second would be a profile view, only because you can really fool around with noses and lips and chins from that view easily, without me having to worry about how to render that same fiddling in a 3d space for other viewing angles.






Sketch-A-Day 3

For January 3rd I've got something that just eeked in before midnight, some bald dude with odd colouring, using the limitations of the Bamboo app on Windows 8.


Sketch-A-Day 2: Mephistopheles

A quick breakfast sketch of Mephistopheles.


Sketch-A-Day 1: Some Dude

Thought I'd rey something for 2014, and thats generate a sketch a day, or image a day, or picture, or whatever is visual and "artistic"...we'll see how far I get! First sketch is just some dude in a weird semi-martial arts pose.


iPad Squarespace App

For some reason I can't post to Squarespace through the iPad app any more...anyone out there in the world know why?