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A Disturbance In The Force



Apparently my company has hired a PI with poor English to videotape someone who may be making an attempt on the life of our President and/or CEO...funny how they're not sure which we have...or if I'm even a company!

Like really, does anyone fall for this stuff anymore?  This is WAY out of left field now!  The only people who would even think this could be remotely possible would have to be involved with large multinational corporations, where they would hopefully have software to filter out these phishing scams, or nefarious individuals, who are the least likely to pursue anything like this anyway, since they're one of the "bad guys" already!


Everything Old Is New Again

I'm looking for a DVD to buy online for my Aunt.  She can't find it anywhere, and I find it for her on  It's a little movie called Undertaker Wedding.  Nothing special.  You can get the DVD from just over $5 according to Amazon...or the VHS for $25?!?  What the hell?

Even better than that, you can get it NEW from $5.84...but used on DVD?  Well, that's going for $24.65!  Where do these guys get their info from?  Are these resellers NOT Amazon users at all?  Does Amazon cull this data without their knowledge?  If they did, I'm sure it could be understood...but if not, who in their right mind would think they could get FIVE TIMES the value of the item brand new!


Misspellings can lead to trouble!

The advantages of using something like Firefox or Chrome with their built-in spell checkers can't be said enough.  There is, however, something to be said for double-checking things yourself, or you can end up with listings for products on, say, Craigslist, that could really entice some readers, while totally off-put others!

Tilted rack?  TILTED?  Talk about misleading advertising in the by-line!


One of the Best Commercials

I was searching YouTube for this new Reebok commercial, which is a great commercial, and came across this disaster, where they've cropped it down and pretty much "censored" it, for some reason.

Thankfully, I was able to find the original one that airs on regular TV below.


A Hairy Device!

Since Laurie cropped her hair, she's had to get a flatiron to style it properly.  She picked up this "Duo" by Cortex.  As you can see below, the packaging makes them look like some sort of sex-toy double-pack.  However, that's not the worst part!

There is a tag attached to the cord warning about the device when it's hot.  It show's a picture of what is either a very tired child with droopy eyes reaching aimlessly for the flatiron.  But again, that's not the worst part!

The flip-side of that tag has this warning:

WTF?!?  "CAUTION - THIS PRODUCT CAN BURN EYES"?!?!  As well as every other part of the body, apparently!  So why single out the eyes?  Are people using these to straighten their eyelashes?  If they are, I think maybe they deserve to burn their least a little.


WTF? No Wonder Palm Is Dead!

I was looking for a way to transfer my calendar easily from my old Palm Desktop software to something like Google calendar on my new PC.  In my searches, I realized I had to upgrade to Palm Desktop 6.2 so I could easily export into a format Google Calendar would recognize.  Have a look at what the webpage from the Palm Knowledge Base is called.  What language is that in?

Palm Suporte2

WTF is “Suporte”?


What The Heck Is It?

Well, I've gone and done it again!  I've come up with a funny enough answer for Dick DeBartolo to select me for a signed Mad Magazine!  Check out his website at, and make sure you listen to his podcast on the TWiT network with Leo Laporte.  Scroll down to the answer's at the bottom of the list.


The Family is Growing!

Come and see!  We're growing!  Andre & Daniela have welcomed their new bundle of joy to the world.  Head over to the "Alessandra" link on the right to have a look at her baby-book-blog!  You can visit her directly any time by pointing your browser to


At Home With My Pocket Change

As you all probably know I had worked briefly with Kris Booth on the film At Home By Myself... With You. Well the film has finally premiered last week and I got to watch it one more time and ignoring the fact of what it took to get the movie made it's still a beautiful little gem of a film. Gorgeously shot and terrificly acted, At Home By Myself...With You is truly a work of art that everyone involved should be proud of. Kris and Ramona wrote a beautiful, whimsical, and at times intriguigingly dark tale of an agoraphobe who suffers from many other crippling phobias. While Romy deals with these issues with the aid of a troubled handsome neighbour we get to learn about human nature and the day-to-day struggles we all have to leave our boxes. The film has gotten written up in all the Toronto papers, and today I noticed that it even got written up on Boing Boing! If you get a chance to see it please get down to the Royal this week and support Canadian independent films and more importantly go see a great film!