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Rock A Bye Matthew

Jessica won't go in her crib. She's laying in our bed singing rock-a-bye baby, replacing baby with Matthew, mommy, Jessie, and daddy.


It's Toopy Time!

About a week or two ago, Jessica started saying "it's Toopy time" when she thought it was time to watch her show, whether we had promised it after the current show or whatever the reason. That very quickly became her catch phrase for many things, replacing "Toopy" with whatever it was she wanted. "It's Dora time" or "it's whatever time"


'Posed To

Jessica's new word is apparently "supposed to" which she started using a while at the cottage for New Years this year. I can't recall the exact context, but she was telling mommy that she was "supposed to" do something or other a certain way.



Tonight just before bath time, Jessica took her Fifteen Animals book and sat down in front of us on the kitchen floor and looking at the cover said "Animals."

She then opened the book and said "I like animals." So far doesn't seem like much of a stretch, but them she turned to one of the pages inside with fish on it and said "fishy Bob" and then turned another page backwards and said "dog Bob, and car Bob."

We tried capturing it on video but she wasn't really cooperating. Hopefully we can get it another night…like Matthew with "Time For A Snack," this will be Jessica's first "read" book!



A few days ago Jessica was walking towards the front door. After a little bit, I went to check on her, but she wasn't there. I took a peek into the laundry room, and as I passed by the basement stairs saw her coming up them. She had gone into the basement to get one of her toys we had left there...probably her Minnie doll. Unlike Matthew's first adventure climbing our stairs to the second floor, I wasn't too worried or anything for some reason, she seemed very confident and nonchalant about it all, like going to the basement was no big deal, even though it was awkward when I brought her down earlier holding her hand.

I probably should have men a little more concerned, since for about a week or so she's been insisting on climbing the stairs holding on to the railing rungs "like Matthew does"!