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Matthew Maid

A few weeks ago Matthew wanted to show me our powder room. He was so proud of himself for cleaning it he told me. He had arranged soap on the counter, replaced the toilet paper, even opened and set up an air freshener all by himself!


Tech Support

Baba joked in the spring that Matthew was her new "tech support" guy when she got her iPad, and he started showing her how to do stuff on it.  A few days ago, he was trying to show me an Avengers game he had on his iPad.  It kept crashing out.  I tried helping him, but as you know with an iPad, all you can do is close and reopen the app, and see if that helps.  Obviously, it didn't.  So he took matters into his own hands: He double-clicked the home button, held the multitasking apps, and proceeded, painstakingly, to close every single one.  Once done, the Avengers app still crashed when he tried loading it, but a second load worked fine, so he was indeed his own tech support!



Matthew has days where he just wants to keep eating. A few days ago when he got home from school he asked "mommy, can I have some peanut butter, lettuce, and bread? I want to make myself a sandwich."



Matthew and his friend Teagan went to Centreville yesterday. He was so excited to go on the ferry boat. As we were on the boat he kept asking to see the ferry. I said this is it. We are on it! He kept sailing no I want to see the ferry drive the boat. Soon I realized that he thought a FAIRY was driving the boat! Soooooo cute!


big boy

Today matthewdecided to be very independent. He went potty and brushed his teeth without any prompting and then he proceeded to get naked. He was so proud of himself he wanted to get himself dressed and surprise me. I already had gotten his clothes ready but he insisted on dressing himself. I left the room and then he found me to show me the result. He did a great job! Only the pants were backward. However, he was wearing wool socks, jogging pants, and undershirt and a t-shirt...the problem it is over 30 degrees today! If we go outside he is going to melt!